We offer three different subscription plans:

  • Annual Subscription Paid Yearly: $95.88
  • Annual Subscription Paid Monthly: $7.99
  • Month to Month Subscription: $9.99

On the two Annual Subscription plans you sign up for 12 consecutive months. The only difference between the two is the how the plan is paid – Annual Subscription Paid Yearly is paid up front ($95.88) and the Annual Subscription Paid Monthly is split up over the period of 12 months ($7.99), but the total price is the same ($95.88/12 months = $7.99).

The third subscription plan is intended to those who want to have a more flexible subscription solution. With the Month to Month Subscription plan you can pause at any time you want (if you pause it during the billing cycle, your subscription remains active until the end of the period). Pausing the subscription will ensure that it is not renewed, but your plugins will continue to work during the remainder of the current pay period.

On all three subscription plans you will be automatically billed at the beginning of each subscription period by Gobbler.

If you pause it at any time during the billing cycle, your subscription remains active (and licenses activated and plugins working) until the end of the period, even if you do not use the licenses/plugins for the rest of the month. The "paused" period of time when you don't use your plugins is not saved and does not roll over to another month.

You can reactivate your subscription whenever you like after it has been paused.

If you reactivate it within the current billing cycle, you are not charged again (until the renewal date).

If you reactivate it after the end of the billing cycle, you are charged for a new billing cycle that starts on the reactivation date.