Before you can download and install your Relab plugins, you’ll need to set up the Gobbler app on your desktop. The Gobbler helper app is the conduit between your computer and the cloud. So make sure you have it installed before you start using Gobbler.

Windows Installation

The Gobbler 2.0 client for Windows supports Windows 7 SP1 and newer. Currently, the Gobbler 2.0 Windows app supports authorization for plugins and bundles purchased via Marketplace. At this time, the Windows app cannot be used to download/install plugins, or for syncing/versioning projects or files. Gobbler is working to bring these features to the Windows app.

  1. Download Gobbler 2.0. (
  2. Open the downloaded file
  3. Install the Gobbler app
  4. Verify that the Gobbler icon appears in the bottom-right suite of applications
  5. Click the Gobbler icon to log in with your Gobbler account

If you have Gobbler 1.0 installed, make sure you have it shut down when you install the 2.0 client. You can have both the 1.0 and 2.0 clients running at the same time.