What is iLok?
iLok is the industry leader in licensing and copy protection for plug-ins. We use iLok as the platform for distributing Relab Development licenses. When yo...
What is the iLok License Manager, and what does it do?
The iLok License Manager application is a free app available to download from This will be used to activate your Relab licenses.
Do I need an iLok account to subscribe to Relab Reverb Suite?
Yes, you need an iLok account to subscribe to the Relab Reverb Suite. Please see our How to Guide. Link to Guide
How do I setup the iLok License Manager?
Please follow our comprehensive Guides how to install the iLok License Manager on either OSX or Windows. Link to Guide
Can I subscribe without the Gobbler app?
Yes, if you wish not to use the Gobbler app or are using a platform/OS that does not support the Gobbler app, then you need to use the iLok License Manager ...
My iLok dongle is lost, broken or stolen.
If your iLok dongle is lost, stolen or broken please contact iLok immediately and file a RMA report here:!support/help/102029543 Onc...
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